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(Dynamic) Web Design

Building a website is more than simply creating a few html pages and making them available to a wide audience. That's why I always keep the following factors in mind when developing a new website:

Style and branding

A website is part of a greater group of visual expressions of a company - brochures, letterheads, logos etc. Your website design should integrate seamlessly with your existing styles and branding. I design websites to reflect and emphasise the familiarity of the company image.

Ease of production and integration

Nothing is more frustrating than having to adapt your existing workflow to accommodate a newly built website. In many cases it's simply un-necessary. By careful planning and a little analysis of your existing workflows such upheavals can be avoided. Your website should be seen as complementing existent procedures and workflows, not replacing them.

Product effectiveness

Every company has its target market(s). A common mistake is to lose sight of these markets when planning your website. That's why I always familiarize myself with the target markets of my clients, making sure I understand just who the website is aimed at. Only then can a website be effective and truly meet a clients requirements.


Out of date websites are extremely common - old prices, last month's special offers or news items. A simple maintenance plan or a tailor-made content-management system can help avoid an out of date website. Such options need to be addressed and budgeted for at development stage to avoid unexpected costs later.

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