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A static web page never changes - it is stored on the web server in exactly the same way as your user sees it. A dynamic page on the other hand uses intelligent scripting to display a vast assortment of information or content (you might for example have one single page to display details of 5000 products). Dynamic pages (and therefore dynamic websites) use a wide variety of scripting (or programming) languages such as JavaScript, PHP, ASP and Perl (CGI).

Recycled scripts for a fraction of the cost

Many scripts in all of the most widely used programming languages can be obtained free of charge online. Such scripts will always require a certain level of customisation, but can be used for all but the most specialised of needs. Use of such scripts can clearly reduce the total cost of your websites development where tailor-made scripts are not required.

Some examples

A simple script might show the date or time on a page, while more a sophisticated script (or group of scripts) might create an online shop or discussion forum. Combining scripts with a database can create a powerful array of possibilities for a website - an online catalogue with search features and a shopping basket or a dynamically created archive of news items for example.

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