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Below are just a few of the many questions which arise when a company decides to offer its products and / or services online.

  • Is a website the best solution?
  • How can we use a website to complement our existing marketing strategies?
  • What are the basic requirements for offering our products online?
  • How can we better manage the large amount of email we receive?
  • What should we consider before starting an online advertising campaign?

If any of these questions apply to your service or product - I can help.

Seeing the whole product

I have worked in the production and implementation of websites since 1996. Projects I have completed include: digital solutions for non-profit organisations (schools, clubs, etc.), and for a wide range of commercial clients (consultancy firms, travel agencies, editorial houses, shops, distributors, etc.). This experience, combined with a background in marketing and business-communications, means that I see the whole product - from the business and marketing goals of your website right through to its project planning, design and programming.

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