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Promoting your website

The promotion of your website does not end with submitting it to a few search engines. There are many ways (online and offline) to ensure your website is better known and easier to find for your potential customers.

Based on your criteria and budget I can help define a more effective promotion campaign for your website.

Search engine submission

Submitting your website to several relevant search engines can be time consuming and expensive. So it should be done efficiently and effectively first time. Using specialized software I can first check your current ranking in several search engines, and target the submission of your website more effectively against the results of those findings. This submission can be repeated manually.

Advertising for your website

In certain cases advertising your website (on the Internet or in printed media) will produce the most effective results. Years of experience have helped me to understand the strengths and weaknesses of differing types of advertising across a wide range of media and how and when they should be used. Using this experience I can help design your advertising and promotional campaigns with effective results and within budget.

And also...

There are other ways to promote your website: link, content and banner exchanges with other relevant websites are just a few examples of how to increase your websites exposure.

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