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Your content (text and graphics) is the most important part of your website. The design may be astonishing, but your content will be the decisive factor in turning a casual visitor into a customer. The content of your website should be always up-to-date. How this is achieved depends partly on the type of website you have, but mostly on your products / services requirements. Maintaining content is therefore critical to the success of your website.

Planning ahead

An ongoing maintenance plan should be considered and budgeted for right from day one of your websites development. Maintenance can be done by just one person or it can be outsourced to several people in and outside of your company.

Even at planning stage it's important to ensure that the content of your website can be easily and efficiently maintained - not only for a greater ease of use, but also to help minimise ongoing maintenance costs.

Content-management systems (CMS)

Your content may be updated periodically (weekly, monthly etc) by a paid developer, or it may be updated in-house using a tailor-made content-management system (CMS). A CMS can be designed to meet a customers requirements - from simple updates (news items to be displayed on your homepage), to a more sophisticated site-wide solution (product updates for an online store).

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