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(Digital) Design

A professional design can quickly and effectively convey a positive image to your visitors about your company and its products / services. It can also make the difference between a confirmed sale and a lost customer. That's why it's important to make sure your website design is not only attractive but also clear and usable. Design should serve your products / services requirements and not vice-versa.

I offer the following design services:


Professionally designed graphics (buttons, icons etc) can give your website a more professional and coherent look and feel. Based on your existing house style or branding, such graphics can be designed so that they can be easily modified later if needed (changes to text etc).

Styles and mock-ups

Ready-to-use styles, page mock-ups and other graphics can also be ordered for existing websites independent of any site-building commission. In this way you can give your website a professional makeover for a fraction of the cost of a complete rebuild.

Banners and advertisements

Effective advertisements in all standard Internet formats (banner, tower, flash etc). Print media design services are also available for advertisements.


Brochure design and production for online (PDF) or traditional print media. Ready-to-print files for printers can be provided.


Retouch your photographs or image media to match specific requirements.

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