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Rates will vary with project requirements. The following comments should serve as a guide:

Hourly rate

Most projects are completed on the basis of an hourly rate. My base rate for standard design and development services is € 75.00 per hour (excluding taxes). However this can vary. A lower rate may be agreed for long-term project work or non-profit organisations. Likewise the rate may be increased for training services or short-notice projects. However, the fixed rate to be applied for the duration of any given contract will be advised and agreed in advance to avoid misunderstandings.

Fixed fee

Smaller projects with a clearly defined scope may be completed on the basis of an agreed fixed fee for the completion of the entire project. This may apply to website promotion contracts or, in certain cases, to clearly defined maintenance contracts.

Ask for a quotation

Please contact me for a quotation for your project. Do remember that in order to produce an accurate quotation I will need detailed information on all aspects of your prospective project. If I feel too little information has been provided I will make this clear. This not only helps to avoid later disappointment (a lower estimate being based on insufficient information), but also makes the client more fully aware of his project requirements.

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